Custom Features

Bahamas Pontoon Boats®

When we say Custom, we really mean Custom!

This is what sets Bahamas Pontoon Boats ® apart from other pontoon manufacturers. We are unmatched in the pontoon industry because our customizable team is fully committed to exceeding your families expectations. Our standard width pontoon boat is 8'6", also available in widths of 10', 12', 14' and 16'. Unique floor plans, exterior colors, furniture, specialty themed, and plenty of other options to choose from!

Your families true personalized pontoon boat is sure to be unique. Total bow deck extension, gives your boat super strong protection from docks & piers damaging any tubes front nose tips. Big water heavy duty package, this strength is standard on all of our boats as a major part of "Our Relentless Pursuit of Building the Best Pontoon Boats."

The "Havana Sun" (photos shown in photo gallery) is a perfect example of what we mean by "Custom". Being a huge University of Tennessee fan, the owner of this Bahamas Pontoon Model 270 chose the UT orange and white checkerboard colors for the exterior fence paneling, had us build a custom "T" made for the front and sides, misters to keep everyone cool in the sun, UT graphics placed on both entry doors, our own unique and patented slide, a Lillipad Marine diving board, dual bimini tops, and so much more. Remember, the sky is the limit and every boat we make is tailored to fit your individual needs.

Check out our durable Exterior Colors & Deck Flooring options!

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